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Our Story 

Hi! We are Lauren and Kylie, Co-Founders of Bee Brands! Two sisters whose soul purpose & mission is to make the world a better place!

The first phase of Bee Brands started in December 2022 out of a burning desire to protect our daughters and ensure they are ready to fight back against the excuses, entitlement and laws that push against women.

So what’s our story?
Well, it wasn’t just one thing that happened one time; it was a thousand things that started when we were too young to understand and these things haven’t stopped.

Things that were blown off as harmless or friendly but were really manipulative and unwelcome, inappropriate and harassment. 

Now as Moms to girls, we decided it’s time for more action. So we launched this Passion Project to educate, empower and protect our girls and yours.

Will you help us?

We all have a story. If you want to share yours to help educate or to have an outlet and support system please email us:

IG @beesafe_keychains
TikTok @beesafekeychains
FB Beebrandsbeesafekeychains

Warm Up on the Beach

Give Back

When you shop Bee Safe Keychains you also shop to help others. We donate a portion of sales to Lynn's House. An Organization who offers survivors and their childeren housing, therapy, meals, and time off work when needed.


While we wish these products were not needed, the reality is that they are. So we hope to empower, educate and protect as many women, girls, gays and theys who need support! 

Girl Gazing
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